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Baroque Reloaded. Cantate de l’Espace-Temps

Coproduzione JeansMusic lab/Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini

17.00 - 18.00

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Matthieu Mantanus, concept & music
Sara Coliumi, visul artist
Giulia Bolcato, soprano
Giulio Padoin, violoncello
Rossella Policardo, clavicembalo


Matthieu Mantanus
Cantate de l’Espace-temps
I. Ouverture
II. Lamento
III. Bruit et solitude
IV. Intermezzo de l’abscence
V. Petite Valse
VI. Passacaglia

Alessandro Scarlatti
Toccata in la minore – 7′
(mvt II – III – IV, senza arpeggio)

A. Vivaldi
Cantata RV796 “Usignoletto bello”

G. Pergolesi
Cantata op.2 n.1 “Lontananza”

A. Vivaldi
Cantata RV655, “Era la notte…”

Baroque Reloaded. Cantate de l’Espace-Temps

Baroque Reloaded is a unique extensive musical and visual fresco in which baroque cantatas by Vivaldi and Pergolesi commune with contemporary electronic music, through what might be called a Musical Spatiotemporal Hole. These two eras are three hundred years apart and their
juxtaposition shows on the one hand their differences – perhaps a more dehumanized contemporary society – but on the other hand it emphasizes the deep, unbreakable connection between them, as they are in the end both mirrors of mankind. By changing the means, electronics instead of acoustic, we basically have changed the point of view – but not the main subject. “I got the idea thinking to these beautiful cantatas: the soprano singing her lament, her mourning. And I wondered, who is she turning to? The answer is natural: the public. Us. But – we do live in the twenty-first century! This is the first ‘spatiotemporal hole’ that happens during every concert. So I tried to imagine a music that would be true, today, to her words, her music.” Matthieu Mantanus, pianist, conductor, composer, and creator of the show explains. “Our visual designer Sara Caliumi has worked listening first to the Baroque, then to the music I composed, and then visually representing another fascinating aspect of this “clash”. She has beautifully put on stage the past looking to the future, imagining and dreaming technologies, and the future – our present – using its technologies to represent… the past!”

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