Scientific research and conventions

From the year of its establishment, the Pietà de’ Turchini Centre for Early Music has invested resources and energy towards the achievement of research projects, toward the organization of international conventions, conferences and seminars always through an interdisciplinary approach and on different themes: dance, philology, documentary sources, historiography and theatrology. Pietà de’ Turchini Centre for Early Music has developed studies upon a wide range of topics all enriched with insights related to key figures of the history of performance and music in the modern age, ranging from Gesualdo to Cavalli and Scarlatti, and from Jommelli to Metastasio.
Paologiovanni Maione and Francesco Cotticelli, members of the Scientific Committee which also includes Siro Ferrone, Nicola De Blasi, Lucio Tufano, Paolo Fabbri, have contributed with their a substantial contribution to the conception and implementation of the projects.

Ricerca Scientifica

Opera Buffa, Naples 1707-1750

Opera Buffa, Naples 1707-1750 This site dedicated to the commedeja pe museca is a moving construction site. It intends to…

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