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Ariosto’s labyrinth

From early to contemporary practice in the name of the “Neapolitan School”

A series of meetings by Gaetano Panariello

In collaboration with La.Vi.Co (Laboratorio vivo di composizione)

Orlando Furioso 500 years later: a journey through battles and tournaments, knights and loves, desires and spells

On February 13, LA.VI.CO. proposes “The Ariosto’s Labyrinth”, six scenes inspired by the Orlando Furioso and performed on the 500th anniversary of the first publication.

Narrating or summarizing the Orlando Furioso for the purpose of a synthetic celebratory show is a difficult if not impossible task. Too many events and too many characters that revolve around the paladin Orlando. The composers of the LA.VI.CO. therefore decided to “enter” the chivalric poem as if one entered a labyrinth. The image of the labyrinth is the poem’s emblem. Six times (six scenes: 1) Angelica; 2) Orlando innamorato; 3) L’isola delle incatenate; 4) La pazzia di Orlando; 5) L’epica cavalleresca; 6) Il castello incantato) six composers entered the labyrinth artfully created by Ariosto, trying to find their way out. The writings on the topic of the labyrinth (Szymborska, Borges, Eco) act as a “curtain” for new entries into the labyrinth. Distant voices attract the composer on duty towards false exits: in fact, every time, a composer has the impression of glimpsing the traces of the composer who preceded him … and so until the end, up to the last door, the one that opens into the “Final cage”. Staged with the precious contribution of the actress Martina Giordano who has always been present in LA.VI.CO’s productions. The text is inspired by “L’Orlando Furioso raccontato da Italo Calvino”.

Composers: Salvatore Della Vecchia (1st scene); Giuseppe Colella Antonio Somma, Antonio Annibali Corona (2nd scene); Patrizia Mazzina (3rd scene); Mirella Giordano (4th scene);  Francesco Balzano (5th scene); Claudio Panariello (6th scene); Ivano Leva (Introduction, Ending of the 5th scene, Prologue to the 6th scene), Martina Giordano

Instrumental ensemble: Chiara De Sio Cesari (violinn), Francesco Davide Salzano (bassoon), Ivano Leva (piano), Salvatore Della Vecchia (mandolin), Antonio Annibali Corona (elettronic instrument), Gaetano Perrone (flute)  Cosimo Lingardo  (double bass)

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