In-Cantiamoci in Naples! by the Turchini Academy

The Pietà de’ Turchini Academy aims to recover an educational practice in the musical field that over the centuries has achieved universally recognized results, generating a production process with a strong identity and unmistakable artistic quality generally known as: “The Neapolitan Music School “.

The project moves simultaneously in two directions:
– nurture, through instrumental and choral practice, children of different socio-cultural backgrounds, all belonging to the Neapolitan hinterland, with the aim of enhancing their vocal and musical talent, supporting their integration and relational growth, developing their awareness of their own cultural roots and knowledge of one’s own cultural heritage;
– attract young talents from all over the world to Naples, with the purpose to allow them to discover, through periodic instrumental and vocal internships, artistic residences, cultural visits focused on libraries and archives in which still unexplored scores are preserved, the uniqueness and beauty of the Neapolitan musical heritage, especially the one relating to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Thanks to the support of the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, and to the precious collaboration of the 48th Circolo di Barra / Ponticelli, the Pietà de’ Turchini Foundation  has initiated a tutoring program in 2019, an Academy aiming at the improvement of young professionals and the musical training of beginners. Those amongst the participants to the program who show a particular talent and interest in singing and music in general, will be offered the opportunity to attend individual courses of vocal technique and instrument courses, linked to the opportunity to receive a musical instrument on loan. Once a certain level of familiarity has been reached, the instrument can be definitively acquired by the student. Among the most immediate results this program has achieved was the involvement of the children families that showed that the program could not only be beneficial to the children themselves but also serve as a means to improve social and territorial cohesion.

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