Gallerie d'Italia-Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano

L’amoroso napoletano

Cappella FastiDiametro ensamble

Giacomo Schiavo, Tenor

L’Amoroso napoletano. Un finto melodramma alla maniera italiana

Friday 2 January 2015, at the Gallerie d’Italia – Zevallos Stigliano Palace in Naples, at 9.00 pm, the Cappella FastiDiametro presents the “l’Amoroso napoletano“. A story of love, hope, joys but also of indignation, betrayal, and abandonment entrusted to the performance of Giacomo Schiavo. The ensemble consists of Giulia Eletta Breschi – recorder and bassoon, Leonardo Massa – cello, Giovanni Bellini – theorbo and guitar, Umberto Cerini – harpsichord and has among its main interests: the reference to the world of musical theater as a formal and communicative model; the Italian taste in the interpretative style and in the choice of the repertoire; the timbre research for the creation of a sound as little repetitive as possible and much corresponding to the dramatic and expressive needs of the pieces performed.

This is the distinctive feature of the group that has already carried out several projects-shows halfway between recital and melodrama (All’Italiana – A pretend concerted melodrama in the style of Händel and Vivaldi for one voice and six instruments, 2012; Ama e ridi, se Amor risponde, 2013; L’Amoroso Napoletano, 2014). On the programme there are compositions by Giulio Caccini, Andrea Falconieri, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Giovanni Girolamo Kaspberger, Giuseppe Tricarico, Nicola Matteis, Francesco Provenzale, Francesco Mancini and Alessandro Scarlatti.


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