Mariafederica Castaldo

President and Artistic Director

Born in Naples, she graduated with honors in Modern Literature in ‘91, under the guidance of Franco Carmelo Greco, professor of Theater History, with a thesis on musical performance in Naples in the second half of the seventeenth century at the Federico II University. With Professor Greco she took her first steps in the professional field: from the organization of exhibitions and musical reviews to journalistic practice for the review of live performances, from the drafting of texts for theater programs to the publication of essays, participating as a speaker at various scientific conferences. In ‘91 she worked alongside with Vittoria Ottolenghi in organizing the "Maratona per Mozart" dance festival at Villa Campolieto. In ‘92 she moved to Paris with a scholarship to conduct research on the scenographies created at the Théatre de l'Opéra by well-known contemporary artists, led by Annette Malochet Professor of Art Plastiques at the Sorbonne University. In '93 she returned to Italy to continue her studies, thanks to a research doctorate which she completed in '95, at the University of Salerno, with a thesis on the performance in music in Naples at the end of the 17th century. From '96 to '97 she received from the Consortium of Cultural Heritage of Campania COBECAM, an assignment for the cataloguing of both the theatrical archive belonging to the heirs of Raffaele Viviani and the theatrical fund: manuscripts, paintings, photographs etc. of the National Museum of San Martino in Naples . At the same time as teaching literary subjects and Latin in high schools, in ‘97 she designed and founded, together with the orchestra leader Antonio Florio, the musicologist Dinko Fabris, with the legal advice of Marco Rossi, the cultural association Pietà de’ Turchini Centre for Early Music, transformed into a private law Foundation in 2010. In her role as member of the board of directors and general manager and member of the artistic committee of the Centre for Early Music, she deals with the planning and programming of musical, scientific, editorial and educational activities, and is delegated to represent the Foundation within the REMA, European Early Music Network, the EMW the European Mozart Ways, as well as to look after the relations with Italian and European universities, cultural institutes, theaters and musical and scientific institutions in Italy and Europe, with the aim of promoting and disseminating scientific and editorial projects and the musical productions that the Foundation elaborates and produces. In 2010 she was the artistic coordinator and head of institutional relations for the first edition of the Muse Salentine Festival, which took place in some hamlets of extraordinary beauty in Salento in Puglia. The Festival created and chaired by Charles Adriaenssen, owner of the OUTHERE record group, had Roberto Festa as the artistic director, founder and director of the Renaissance music ensemble Daedalus. Since 2019 she is President of the Pietà de' Turchini Foundation. Gross salary for Artistic Direction € 28,000.00 [year 2019]

Marco Rossi

General Manager

Born in Naples, he graduated in Law at the Federico II University and began his legal activity by collaborating in the office of Prof. Giovanni Verde. Subsequently, he makes use of the experience gained in a family business, in the construction industry. As a consequence of personal research and interests in the management of non-profit organizations field, in ‘97, he offered his own legal advice and participated in the foundation of the Pietà de’ Turchini Centre for Early Music together with the theater historian Federica Castaldo, the orchestra leader Antonio Florio and the musicologist Dinko Fabris. Convinced of the Foundation's growth and development prospects, he decided to devote himself to its administrative management, to the institutional relations and relations with the public administration. With his substantial contribution he succeeded in a few years, to accredit the Centre for Early Music, of which he is president from 2003 to 2018, among the most prestigious concert organizations on the national and international scene. As President of the Association first and then of the Foundation, he promoted and designed with the architect Klaus Schuwerk the restoration of the former Church of Santa Caterina da Siena, a prestigious 17th century architectural complex that houses the “Pietà de’ Turchini Centre for Early Music”. Consequently, he also promoted the urban redevelopment of the road axis of Piazzetta Cariati and Santa Caterina of Siena Sreet, entrusting the design task to Prof. Arch. Riccardo Dalisi. The concert with the BAPSAE Superintendence of Naples and suburbs, gave significant impetus to the restoration of the Court Theater of Palazzo Reale. All the listed restorations were carried out mostly thanks to the financial contribution of the Compagnia di San Paolo of Turin, the key partner of many activities and initiatives carried out by the Centre. From 2000 to 2011 he was treasurer secretary and board counselor of the Baroque Orchestra, Cappella della Pietà de' Turchini, in charge of institutional relations. He inspired the establishment of the trade association Sistema Musica e Danza - Campania adhering to the Agis Regional Union, of which he was elected president from June 26, 2007 to February 24, 2011, contributing with original ideas to the conception of new projects, and offering new contents to the cultural and political debate on live performance. He also actively contributed to the elaboration of the Framework Law n.6 / 2007 on live performance, approved by the Campania Region. With an original project entitled Re. Crea Creative Residence for artists, actors, musicians, he obtained the assignment for the Foundation of the sixteenth-century Church of San Rocco of Chiaia for which he presented, obtaining approval, a conservative restoration project that was fulfilled in 2014 with funds from the Compagnia di San Paolo of Turin. In 2012 he founded together with Federica Castaldo a youth ensemble on original instruments called Talenti Vulcanici. The ensemble brings together skilled young people from the national and international territory, for whom it organizes high-level professional training courses aimed at concert performance.

Adelaide Mascolo

Artistic and organizational coordinator

Born in Castellammare di Stabia in 1991, she graduated with honors in Cultural Heritage Management at the University of Naples "Federico II". As coordinator of the Pietà de' Turchini Centre for Early Music, she deals with the planning and control of human, technological and organizational resources; establishment of relational networks with institutional, economic and social parties in the area; fundraising and crowdfunding; tutoring of training activities. She also attended various training courses in Naples, Rome, Edimburgh and Brussels which have allowed her to gain national and European experiences aimed at developing, monitoring and evaluating projects in the artistic and cultural fields. In doing so, she has increased the participation of the Centre in public and private calls through proposals relating to the promotion of productions, reviews, conferences, high-skilled youth, library assets and the regeneration of the territory. Since 2015 she has been appointed as Secretary - Treasurer of the association "Talenti Vulcanici - Youth Ensemble of the Pietà de’ Turchini", for which she manages the technical-administrative documentation. Since 2016 she has been the editor of the Publishing House "Turchini Edizioni". She is manager of the Talenti Vulcanici Ensemble and promotes the dissemination of its results and productions on the national and international scene.

Elena Esposito


Treasurer secretary of the Foundation, for which she deals with general accounting. She has over 20 years of experience in management and accounting of European, ministerial and regional funds

Giuliana Carbone

Design consultant

Class 93, after his classical studies he graduated cum laude in Management of Cultural Heritage at the University of Naples "Federico II" with a thesis dedicated to the Educational programs of the Teatro di San Carlo. Deeply convinced that contamination and transversal thinking are fundamental elements in his career, he participates in the training programs of the MAXXI Museum in Rome (Digital Think-In Lab, Legislation and Management of Cultural Heritage) aimed at professionals in the cultural sector. He develops his organizational skills by becoming part of the team of Kaos Produzioni as responsible for coordination and production, collaborating in the creation of multimedia installations for public bodies and institutions such as the Museum of Capodimonte, the National Library of Naples, the Municipality of Anacapri, and private. From 2018 he began his collaboration with the Fondazione Pietà de' Turchini as a consultant for design and communication, as well as as as artistic coordinator of the Ensemble Talenti Vulcanici. The discipline and the will to always play that characterize his approach to work has developed them thanks to the theater: in 2012 he graduated as an actress at the Laboratory Theatre Studio "Arte Tempra", under the guidance of Clara Santacroce and Renata Fusco. He continued his artistic development with national and international professionals such as Glauco Mauri and Roberto Sturno, Michele Monetta and Lina Salvatore, Sonia Bergamasco, Sarasole Notarbartolo and Pierpaolo Sepe, Arianna D'Angiò, Chiara Alborino and Fabrizio Varriale. She is a member of the cultural association "Temprart", with which she has worked for years as an actress and assistant director, as well as with "The Beggars' Theatre - Teatro dei Mendicanti" by Mariano Bauduin.

Renato Rizzardi

Press officer

Gross salary € 6,000.00 [season 2019-2020]

Annalisa Romeo

Digital Media Strategist

She lives in Basilicata and simultaneously on the web. As a web marketing consultant, she has been working for more than fifteen years in the field of promotion of the territory and of tourism, enogastronomic and cultural communication. Owner of a communication agency, she collaborates with social and cultural innovation associations for the promotion of events such as: Matera2019, CoopCulture - FestivalMann, CasaNetural, ArtePollino); private companies in the wine and food sector and touristic destinations including Basilicata, Versilia, Corleone and Majella. She participates as a speaker and social media manager in events and seminars on digital marketing topics. She is a trainer in the web marketing sector, she is among the creators, with APT Basilicata and Roberta Milano, of the "BTWIC" web marketing event. She is the Social Media Editor of the latest editions of BTO - Buy Tourism Online-Florence. Gross salary € 6,500.00 [season 2019-2020]

Paola De Simone

Concert hall programme superintendent

Musicologist, music and dance critic, author of essays and researches dedicated to the documentary reconstruction of historical-artistic and spectacular events in both sacred and theatrical Naples of the 18th and 19th centuries. Full-time professor of Poetry for Music and Musical Dramaturgy and associate professor of related teachings such as History of Musical Theater, Musical Rhetoric, History and Technology of Instruments, Analysis of Poetic-Musical Forms, Methodology of Historical-Musical Investigation and Jazz History at the Conservatory of Music "Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa" of Potenza, Higher Education Institution of which currently, in second term, she is a member of the Academic Council. As part of the projects organized by the POR Campania, she also worked as a lecturer of "Expert performer of the Neapolitan eighteenth-century repertoire", "Music and entertainment: the Musical" and "Manager and Entertainment" courses. She expressed interest in the position of superintendent of the San Carlo Theater in Naples announced on 27 June 2019. Paola De Simone, Neapolitan, graduated in piano at high school and graduated with honors with a thesis in History of Music at the "Federico II" University of Naples, in Modern Literature, with an interest towards the historical-artistic area. Since the end of the 1980s, she has carried out an intense activity of training, communication, critical evaluation, research, scientific consultancy - since 2008 she has held this position for the "Maggio della Musica" signed by the artistic direction of Michele Campanella -, online cataloging, promotion and organization of the historical-musical and dance heritage. Since June 16, 1993 she has been registered with the National Order of Journalists - List of Publicists. She is also registered with the Italian Society of Musicology and the National Music Critics Association. For the year 2019 she was chosen as a member of the jury of the Italian Music Critics Award "Franco Abbiati" 2018. From 1988 she began to exercise an intense activity as a journalist specializing in music and dance criticism for important newspapers in Naples such as Paese Sera, Rome, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera / Corriere del Mezzogiorno in parallel with the collaborations for the monthly Danza & Danza and the online magazine Campadidanza. In June 2015, she created the online magazine of music and dance criticism La quinta giusta (The fair scenery flat), of which she is still the director and sole signature, and since December 2017 she has collaborated with the online magazine Connessi all'Opera by Roberto Mori. From 1999 to 2007 she was a member of the Dance and Music Commissions of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. From 2000 to 2011 she was chosen as an expert Cataloger by the Library of the “San Pietro a Majella” Conservatory to work on the special project of cataloging music manuscripts on the web. Project promoted by Mibac (Department of Library Heritage and New Technologies) and carried out by the SIAV company. She was, therefore, the sole referent for the cataloging of the entire nineteenth-century collection of the figurines of the Guillaume Collection, now available on the InternetCultural platform, graphic section of the digital library. She was a member of the Culture Commission of the Lazio Region. Speaker at conferences, seminars, cultural meetings and international study conferences, she has published numerous historical-critical essays and articles for the major regional and national scientific, opera, concert and dance institutions. She has signed projects for the rediscovery of the Neapolitan musical repertoire of the Viceregal and Bourbon epoch, taking care of the musicological notes attached to CD recordings including “Il marito disperato” (The desperate husband) by Domenico Cimarosa recorded in 2003 by the Orchestra of the San Carlo Theater of Naples for the Bongiovanni label. She is the author of the monograph “Il Signore della Musica. Aladino Di Martino ”published in 2009 by Dante & Descartes. Co-author of the Catalog of dance booklets of the “S. Pietro a Majella di Napoli ", of the Catalog of the Exhibition of Figures from the Guillaume Collection " Arte, Artisti, Costumi e Censura sulla scena dei Reali Teatri di Napoli sulla scena dell’Ottocento musicale e coreutico " (Conservatory editions "San Pietro a Majella "2014 ). Co-author of numerous scientific essays, on Alessandro Scarlatti, Niccolò Jommelli, on the Neapolitan school drama, on Apostolo Zeno, Giovanni Paisiello, Luigi Marchesi, Gennaro Magri, on the Intermezzi, on the relations between diplomacy and patronage of the arts, on virtuoso singers of the eighteenth century, on Francesco Durante. Essays among which we note in particular, in the context of the Documents of the Conferences of International Studies, respectively published and available online, on the websites of the Conservatory "F. Cilea ”of Reggio Calabria and the “G. Cini " of Venice - Southampton University Foundation, the contributions entitled "La Cerere placata by Niccolò Jommelli: action and interaction between the different languages of art at play between Naples and Europe "accompanied by over 750 new documents. And also, in collaboration with Nicolò Maccavino, "The Figures of the Carlo Guillaume Collection: from the Library of the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory, an original archive source for the nineteenth century music and dance on the scene of the Royal Theaters of Naples". For the volume of "Ricerche sull’arte a Napoli in età moderna" (Arte’m, Saggi e documenti 2015) she also published the study "Dalla serenata Cerere placata a palazzo Perrelli. Nuovi documenti per le arti a Napoli ”while, for the Italian Institute of Music History, the critical edition of Niccolò Jommelli's Serenade "Cerere Placata "is being prepared together with Nicolò Maccavino. It should also be noted the discovery and publication of a previously unknown plea by Gaetano Donizetti in the essay "Un tardo esempio di dramma tragisacro nel solco della tradizione scolastica napoletana: l’Ester, ed Assuero" by Francesco Catugno for the Real Conservatorio della Pietà dei Turchini in "Quaresima 1806" (Editions of the "Francesco Cilea" Conservatory of Music in Reggio Calabria). Currently in print: two volumes for Turchini Edizioni 2019 on the historical-documentary reconstruction of the entire musical and festive process with relative "Cuccagne" (abundance) organized between Caserta and Naples in the year 1768 for the marriage of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon and Maria Carolina, with critical edition of the score, co-signed with the researcher Nicolò Maccavino (Miti, metafore e feste per le scene di un Regno: intorno alle Nozze di Peleo e Tetide di Giovanni Paisiello); an essay on the years spent by the grotesque dancer Gennaro Magri in Naples, containing very important unpublished archival and notarial documents (Nuove fonti d’archivio su Gennaro Magri fra questioni teatrali e affari patrimoniali, Aracne); the research for the Journal of the Italian Society of Musicology on the performance at the Royal Palace of Caserta of the first version of the Mondo della luna (World of the moon) by Paisiello (Il Credulo deluso di Giovanni Paisiello (1774) dal Teatro Nuovo al Real Teatro di Caserta: nuovi dati documentali dal Conto delle spese dell’Archivio Farnesiano); the study and restitution of the sources for the theatrical Serenade "Il giudizio di Apollo" by Nicola Sala (1768) in the essay co-signed with Nicolò Maccavino Alfonso Clemente de Aróstegui: musica, arte e mecenatismo nella Napoli borbonica di Carlo III e Ferdinando IV ( Wien, Hollitzer, 2019, Documents of the International Study Conference “A diplomacia e a aristocracia como promotores da música e do teatro na Europa do Antigo Regime”, Centro de Estudos Musicais Setecentistas De Portugal); the essay "Soggetti storici, letterari o di pura fantasia, autori, interpreti e censura: dai figurini della Biblioteca del Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella nuove coordinate e organici per l'Ottocento coreutico a Napoli" presented in November 2017 as part of the International Conference of Studies "Danza e ballo a Napoli: un dialogo con l'Europa (1806-1861)" organized in Naples by AIRDanza - Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sulla Danza and by Pietà de' Turchini Foundation. She was also a jury member in national and international competitions for piano, dance, chamber music, composition and opera singing. In July 2001 she was President of the jury at the II Edition of the Premio Coreografia Italiana organized by the CDTM as part of the Salerno Danza Festival at Villa d'Ayala in the Municipality of Valva and, in May 2006, at the XIV edition of the International Festival of video dance "Il Coreografo Elettronico". In 2005 and 2006 she was nominated Member of the Artistic Commission of the Accademia della Canzone-SanremoLab, on the designation of the Order of Journalists of Campania, participating in the selection of candidates of the Youth Section of the Sanremo Festival both for the 2006 edition and for the 2007 edition. Among the acknowledgments for her professional commitment in the promotion of art and culture, in September 2007, the Alumni Association of the San Pietro a Majella Music Conservatory in Naples awarded her the "Oltre l'orizzonte"Award. In November 2008, for the presentation of the volume "Il Signore della Musica", the first monograph on the composer Aladino Di Martino, commissioned on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the Molise musician, she received an additional award plaque from the same Alumni Association and form the National Library of Naples. In July 2018 she received the Anfiteatro d'Oro per l'Arte della Danza Award.

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