Talenti Vulcanici

Who are Talenti Vulcanici? We like to describe ourselves in three words: Naples, experimentation, research.

While conceived on Partenope’s shores in 2012 we come from all over Europe and have different backgrounds. What we do have in common is the rigorous respect for the philological praxis. Our repertoire comes straight to us from the “Scuola Musicale Napoletana” – both vocal and instrumental – and is  a mixture of sacred and profane, music and theatre. We like to explore new paths and revisit – with a contemporary flavour – the legacy of the great masters of the past, bringing to light inexplicably forgotten musical pages. We are born risk takers and we confront our challenges with passion.

We are one of the many creatures of Pietà de’ Turchini Foundation, a strenuous bulwark of Naples’ musical heritage through the active promotion of musical production and diffusion as well as of musicological research and higher education.

If our profile has sparked your curiosity and you want to know more about us, namely why we won this years’ edition of the prestigious Franco Abbiati award as “best musical initiative of 2019“, you are welcome to browse our history and listen to us playing live .


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