Opera Buffa, Naples 1707-1750

This site dedicated to the “comedeja pe museca” is constantly updated. It intends to present an accurate and philologically reliable transcription of the surviving librettos of the 1707-1750 season, starting from the first public affirmations of the comic genre up to the moment of its final consecration on a national and international level. The texts refer exclusively to the performances held in Naples in this period of time, both in business and private theaters. The materials will flow over time, through the acquisition and digitization of sources scattered in the most disparate libraries and archives. The intent is to offer a not insignificant cross-section of this musical and dramatic production in the heart of the 18th century, in the awareness that it is necessary not to lose sight of the mass-produced dimension that characterizes it. And which allows us to understand its genesis, development, ability to establish itself on the market, and yet being able to grasp evolutions, nuances, creative ideas and differences at times unnoticeable yet significant in a history and dialogue with the reality of the century. Analyzing these documents comparing and discovering internal and external references is equivalent to questioning many of the critical and historiographical assumptions that weigh on their intelligence, recognizing instead the crucial importance of an experience that had strong resonances in thought and in the theatrical action of the Age of Enlightenment.

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