Mediterranean echoes

Gianluca Campanino and Jamel Chabbi, oud

with the participation of Francesco Manna, percussion

Project in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Tunis


Gianluca Campanino

The repertoire ranges from classical pieces of traditional Arab music, to compositions by Gianluca Campanino, pieces that in their narrative make Arab sounds the common denominator between the West and the Middle East.

Samai Hijaz

Suq al Amedìe

Paesaggi Mediterranei

Turco Napoletano


Longa Hijaz Kar (Les pensées des arbres)


Jamel Chabbi

A choice dedicated to the love song picked from the Tunisian traditional music heritage. The two moments underline the two different musical arrangements, Asbaain, Tunisian modality, and the C major of the Mazmoum.

Wasla Asbaain

Bachraf Samai Asbaain (Patrimoine du Malouf tunisien)

Dakhlil Allah (Patrimoine du Malouf tunisien)

Netfakrek (Jamel Chabbi)

Wasla Mazmoum (C major)

Awatef (Abdelwahab)

Zahoui bik (Jamel Chabbi)

Yalli boodek (Khmaies Tarnane)

Bellahi ya hamed (Patrimoine populaire tunisien)

Alif ya Soltani (Patrimoine du Malouf tunisien)


Duo programme

Samai Bayati Qadim (Anonymous)

Longa Farah-Faza (Riad Al Sunbaty)

Samai Bayati (Ibrahim al Aryan)

Longa Shahnaz (A. Efendi)

Gianluca Campanino

Musician of plectrum instruments, he graduated in Early Music and Historical Plectrum at the Niccolò Piccinni Conservatory in Bari. He approached the Arabic lute and studied in Syria with the master Aiman Muhammad Juby and in Morocco with the master Said Chraibi. These experiences led him to start an Arabic lute course, the first of its kind in Italy, at the Arrigo Pedrollo Conservatory in Vicenza. He has collaborated and still collaborates with classical and ethnic music ensembles, such as the Neapolitan Mandolin Academy, Roberto De Simone, Spakkaneapolis 55, Said Chraibi, Abdessahmad Amara, Jamal Chabbi and others.

Jamel Chabbi

Born in Tunis, he studied at the prestigious Sadiki College and completed his studies at the Music Conservatory. Later on he graduated in oud at the Higher Institute of Music in Tunis.  He is a musician and composer and currently professor of oud at the Sidi Saber Conservatory of Music in Tunis for the Ministry of Culture. Appreciated interpreter of traditional Tunisian music, he cultivates the art of maalouf improvisation and is often the protagonist of concerts – solo or with his musical group – on musical pieces and songs of which he is the author, composer and performer.

Since 2000 he has been present in the programme of the most important “music places” that animate the cultural life of the city: the Club Culturel Tahar Haddad (where it held concerts on chanson de compo-sition), the Dar Bir Lahjar Cultural Center, the Maison de Culture Achouria; he is a regular collaborator of the Maison de Culture du Ministére Slimania El Kasba.

In 2009 he took part in the Festival de l’été tour with his group, performing among other things in Monastir, Nabeul, Gabes.

In 2010 he edited and performed the musical pieces of the play Le malade imaginaire with the great actor Salah Miled. Among the last engagements of 2013, he was the protagonist of the recital with the lutenist Seifeddine Srairi at Slimania.

Francesco Paolo Manna

He is a Neapolitan percussionist. He studied with Arnaldo Vacca (Italy), Mohsen Kassirosafar (Iran) and Jamal Al Sakka (Syria). He currently works as a session player and collaborates on several projects: Spakkaneapolis 55, Massimo Ferrante, Carlo Faiello, Liquid Clarinets (Felmay), Riccardo Prencipe Corde Oblique, Gianluca Campanino Band, Tamburellando by Arnaldo Vacca.

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