Church of San Rocco a Chiaia


Creative residence for ensembles, musicians and singers. An ancient little treasure chest of the sacred, in the heart of the living room of Naples. A few steps from the sea, has always been closed to most people and it is ready now to reopen its doors and relive in the name of art and culture planning, the driving force for the best young musical talents in Europe and the Mediterranean. It is the church of San Rocco in Chiaia, of 16th century origins, present in the 18th-century map of the Duke of Noja, hidden in the overlapping of recent architecture, facing the meridian axis of the Villa Comunale. Linking baroque roots and avant-garde creativity, production and training hand in hand, the Pietà de’ Turchini Centre for Early Music has developed a program intended to welcome youth groups, a polyphonic choir, a children’s choir and artistic talents not only musical. Program implemented by promoting the results and projects developed among the public and supporting their circulation on national and international territory. Thus, new productions conceived in San Rocco are brought to the scene to be set sail from the banks of Partenope to other European creation centers. The goal is to accompany the public in the emotion of conceiving an idea for a concert or musical show and in its often difficult and arduous but also incredibly rewarding realization. The project intends to engage, make the public understand and discover the artistic value that a concert assumes not only for its final result but also for that process of artistic development, a synergistic encounter between different personalities, construction of materials and problems of technical realization that precede it and make it its baggage.

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