Mariafederica Castaldo

Born in Naples, she graduated with honors in Modern Literature in ‘91, under the guidance of Franco Carmelo Greco, professor of Theater History, with a thesis on musical performance in Naples in the second half of the seventeenth century at the Federico II University. With Professor Greco she took her first steps in the professional field: from the organization of exhibitions and musical reviews to journalistic practice for the review of live performances, from the drafting of texts for theater programs to the publication of essays, participating as a speaker at various scientific conferences.

In ‘91 she worked alongside with Vittoria Ottolenghi in organizing the “Maratona per Mozart” dance festival at Villa Campolieto.

In ‘92 she moved to Paris with a scholarship to conduct research on the scenographies created at the Théatre de l’Opéra by well-known contemporary artists, led by Annette Malochet Professor of Art Plastiques at the Sorbonne University.

In ’93 she returned to Italy to continue her studies, thanks to a research doctorate which she completed in ’95, at the University of Salerno, with a thesis on the performance in music in Naples at the end of the 17th century.

From ’96 to ’97 she received from the Consortium of Cultural Heritage of Campania COBECAM, an assignment for the cataloguing of both the theatrical archive belonging to the heirs of Raffaele Viviani and the theatrical fund: manuscripts, paintings, photographs etc. of the National Museum of San Martino in Naples .

At the same time as teaching literary subjects and Latin in high schools, in ‘97 she designed and founded, together with the orchestra leader Antonio Florio, the musicologist Dinko Fabris, with the legal advice of Marco Rossi, the cultural association Pietà de’ Turchini Centre for Early Music, transformed into a private law Foundation in 2010. In her role as member of the board of directors and general manager and member of the artistic committee of the Centre for Early Music, she deals with the planning and programming of musical, scientific, editorial and educational activities, and is delegated to represent the Foundation within the REMA, European Early Music Network, the EMW the European Mozart Ways, as well as to look after the relations with Italian and European universities, cultural institutes, theaters and musical and scientific institutions in Italy and Europe, with the aim of promoting and disseminating scientific and editorial projects and the musical productions that the Foundation elaborates and produces. In 2010 she was the artistic coordinator and head of institutional relations for the first edition of the Muse Salentine Festival, which took place in some hamlets of extraordinary beauty in Salento in Puglia. The Festival created and chaired by Charles Adriaenssen, owner of the OUTHERE record group, had Roberto Festa as the artistic director, founder and director of the Renaissance music ensemble Daedalus. Since 2019 she is President of the Pietà de’ Turchini Foundation.

Gross salary for Artistic Direction € 28,000.00 [year 2019]

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